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Chinese tea industry trends and brand packaging of tea

Source:未知Author:adminIssuing time:2016年01月27日 13时45分21秒

2012 Alibaba Group Research Center has released a report: Alibaba tea daily trading volume of agricultural products in more than 7 million, living first in all agricultural produce; today, every day, Handelsblatt reported, "village farmer with annual sales of nearly 400,000 open shop selling tea "; fog and haze in North China is serious, people pay more attention to their health, tea Qingfei effect, more and more people are choosing to drink tea ...... a series of events, so we learned to drink tea has not only the Guangzhou people's favorite, and not just people in Dongguan collection of collections, and tea began to gradually become the best drinks of the people, to become the new fashion office white-collar family consumption, new trends.

China's beverage market once drink carbonated drinks is a habit, but through the past five years of FMCG beverage market trends analysis, we also found that a variety of pathogenic fire tea, health tea, slimming tea gradually prevailed, the market evolution, people's health awareness are making progress, health, environmental protection industry has tendency blowout development, which does not come into contact with the author to do a home air purifier sales director, is three times the monthly sales have more than a year ago. Thus, we can have every reason to believe that China's health and environmental protection industry in the next few years will be a sunrise industry. China's tea industry in this traditional industry, but also in this wave of wave of development and growth.

Promote the tea industry, on the one hand the increase in demand from the market, on the other hand, requires more tea merchants will be good marketing campaign, this market can grow faster, but many merchants now still retains the concept of tradition practice, only choose the traditional sales channels, even if you choose to go online sales, but no operator attention and good systems. In the new era of marketing, supreme commander of an enterprise, there must be further strategic vision to be invincible in the future market competition. I propose the addition to the traditional business channels tea shops, tea Internet sales must be arrested, rather than on doing that or just casually, and only through the Internet good brand packaging operations, before they can be more in the future competition in the market Advantage. Because people prefer a lazy lifestyle, preferring to be able to place orders directly home delivery sales. Future is the largest consumer groups after groups 70,80,90, these people have a few not access it.

Then we turn to the tea brand operations, tea this category is very special, special in the drink do not know good or bad, do not do not know the taste of products, packaging outsiders, experts see quality tea, we promote the spread for end users brands, consumers and professionals should focus on the potential consumer to refine the operation of the two areas for potential consumers, we can do more detailed guide to the quality of tea, for professional consumers, we can choose from do the quality of refinement segment positioning, from a professional point of more refined appearance of tea, tea, soup, taste and other packaging description, should not necessarily be realistic, otherwise we lose our customers. Product, price, place, promotion, customers and other marketing tools that we have used, around the brand positioning system methodical operations in order to allow our users to increase the number of geometric rendering.