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Foreign development of new epoxy wood packaging

Source:未知Author:adminIssuing time:2016年01月27日 13时48分03秒

In order to improve the technological level of the packaging industry, the world are using high-tech means to vigorously develop new packaging materials, various new material emerged. Recently, within the field of foreign package developed a new type of epoxy resin "timber."

Canada has developed a similar hardness and steel structure specialty packaging timber. The wood is the wood fibers after a special treatment process, the fibers each knot, and then using an epoxy resin covering the surface of the wood, and then by microwave treatment from. The new timber no distortion, no cracking, no stretching, except for packaging products, other uses are very extensive.

Japan developed a - kind of pouring timber, this timber is called liquid chemical timber, according to the China Association of epoxy resin industry experts, it is made of wood residue, epoxy resin, polyurethane casting molding. According to the requirements of the packaging of fixed shape, no need to make fine.